Tower Crane Systems

A secure login to our centralised site manager.

The benefits to customers of managing wind speeds and weather data across multiple & varied sites are immense, but the solution needs to be comprehensive yet simple, ideally based on a ‘one-stop-shop’ principle.

Our approach

Accessed via the internet, a secure login gives you access to our Centralised Site Manager. Here you can view multiple installations or buildings in one place, customise the system to meet your requirements and provide different levels of access for different users. Accessible via any internet enabled device, such as PC, mobile phone or tablet, our system is as simple to use as an email account.

Wireless GPRS technology allows it to be totally unobtrusive and independent of existing IT networks, hence no need for internal IT support.

How it works

Wind speed is scanned every second and Live information is reported to the Internet via a Live Dashboard. The wind statistics provided are:

  • Wind Gust: This is the fastest wind speed recorded within 10 minutes over 1 second period intervals
  • Wind Turbulence: How intense the wind speed changes are - the more turbulence, the more risk. This is calculated on a continuous second by second interval
  • Average wind: This is the average wind speed recorded within 10 minute intervals

What else can it do?

The Agri-tech Windcrane is an advanced system that is able to tap onto any kind of sensor, meter or machine. Typical applications are:

  • Monitor wind speeds for Construction sites
  • Measure Voltage and Amps for power quality monitoring for the crane
  • Monitor Energy usage for calculating running costs
  • Monitor Power usage for tracking when and for how long the cranes are operating

A Free App is available for keeping up-to-date with the weather from your site.