Decision Support Platform

Independent Management tool for tomorrow's Agri-businesses.

An Independent cloud based Enterprise platform from KisanHub, for any modern Agri-business. Enables multiple data sets to be incorporated into one horizontal layer from where informed decisions can be made. 

Farm and Field Mapping, Field Sensor deployment and Geo-spacial Analytics such as nutrient variation, disease hot spots, LAI (leaf area index) can all be tracked, viewed and analysed in one central location making it much easier to make quick and smart decisions

With multiple apps including my Farm, Decision Support and AgroMet to name but a few the offering is a complete Enterprise Platform.

Create teams within your farming operation and setup differing sites with their own login. Share the farms with upper Management to enable a Global view of your Farming Business

Use the satellite imagery option for crop monitoring, LAI analysis, pinpointing problem areas. Use the mobile APP to record field observations / notes in offline mode to later synchronize with your data in the cloud.

Import your Gatekeeper records into the platform to make data analysis easy. 

For crop walking and recording all operations use the mobile app for data collection before synchronising with the main database when back with network connection. The mobile app has agromet, my farm, and crop recording facilities built in with the ability to take in field images to be recorded on the database.

Sample of Platform Apps for PC / Tablet

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My Farm

My farm is the area of the platform for setting up farming cropping plan and opps

  • Setting up farms
  • Setting up fields
  • Creating cropping plan
  • Create Tillage / Husbandry tasks
  • Nutrient analysis / soil sampling
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Agromet app to pull in local Met data and forecast for your farm.

Add you Davis Weather station to the app to pull in historic data for your site

Add weather sensors 

Use the Regional Summary for historic weather data for your site

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Potato Dashboard

If you are a potato grower use the additional Potato Dashboard app to manage your crop

Predict yield of crop as well as size distribution within the yield to help plan your marketing campaign

Predict optimum burn off date against yield 

Use the Financial performance tool for strategic planning

UOH Strawberry Powdery Mildew Model on the KisanHub Platform

For soft fruit growers, KisanHub have joined forces with the University Of Hertfordshire.

Led by Dr. Avice Hall MBE, the strawberry powdery mildew model has been utilised on three commercial farms during the 2017 season.

In 2018 the plan is to expand this to 10 farms across the main fruit growing regions of the UK

Growers will need a Davis Vantage Connect system and be measuring temperature and relative humidity in the tunnel environment to provide the model with accurate climate data

Other crop diseases beyond SPM can be predicted using the KisanHub platform.