Crop Covers – Nets and Fleece

Need added protection for outdoor crops?

Our net and fleece range is designed for high value outdoor cropping.

Insect nets

For insects we have a range of mesh to protect against the smallest insects. The nets contain a UV inhibitor which enhances the longevity of the product providing a high quality durable net. Nets incorporate a unique serial number which assists traceability and quality assurance.

Standard widths: 1.8M, 3.6M, 6.5M, 13M, &25M
Standard Lengths: 50M, 100M & 200M

Hail nets

Designed for hail, heavy rainfall and wasp protection, the net provides a barrier from the elements protecting tender leaf plants. As with the insect netting, the hail net has an in built UV inhibitor to help with promoting longevity and efficacy of the product.

Standard widths: 3.1M, 4.7M, & 5.1M
Standard Lengths: 100M, 200M, & 500M

Bird nets

For protection against damage caused by pigeons & crows, our bird net is light yet highly durable making it both practical & easy to use. As with our other nets the bird net contains UV inhibitors for added strength and life expectancy.
Standard width: 12M & 20M
Standard lengths: 100M